The application software HRS, acronym of Heartline Receiving Station, is the core of the receiving and managing system of the transtelephonic EKG service for monitoring and medical reporting. HRS uses a sophisticated managing system of EKG signals, acquired by an interface proprietary file format. HRS software is flexible and modular, in line with the service manager’s needs and it is installed in a stand-alone version on regular Personal Computers or Networks in order to handle a higher volume of reports at the same time. The relational database of HRS offers various ways of access and management: single files of patients, physicians, clinics and dealers, parameters, analysis and a whole range of useful data for different studies. The operational characteristics of HRS enable the immediate review of the received EKG, comparisons with previous EKGs made on the same patient, device checks with test-EKGs, medical reports and delivery of reports. All information can be printed or e-mailed to the final customer or to other recipients for updating or consulting.

HRS can receive all the signals transmitted by the whole range of AEROTEL devices.