CARDIOLINK is a portable transtelephonic EKG device powered by battery that can record a 12-lead electrocardiogram (EKG) with high-quality diagnostic potential. This device is equipped with a 3-conductor patient cable and 4 metal electrodes placed on the rear of the device. It records 2.5” per derivation and 10” of the second derivation in three subsequent moments. The design of CARDIOLINK enables the patient to operate autonomously by attaching the electrodes and recording the EKG. In fact, this device is certified for self-diagnostic use. The recorded EKG is then transmitted to the Operating Center of Cardio On Line Europe through acoustic coupling with a regular phone. CARDIOLINK allows a wide range of uses: medical certificates of fitness for non-competitive sports, renewal of driving licences, diagnostic use for the interpretation of suspected cardiac symptoms, cardiologic remote assistance for home health care patients, monitoring for pharmacological studies and for all applications requiring an EKG. It is of utmost importance underlying that after the transmission the EKG is read by a cardiologist of the Operating Center of Cardio On Line Europe. The confidential and exclusive relationship between physician and patient is granted in each single case.

This electrocardiograph is legally certified and recognized by Italian  Ministry of Health as class IIa medical devices.


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