LIFECARD CF12 is a cardiac digital Holter that can monitor cardio-activity in a time frame varying from 24 hrs. to 7 consecutive days with 12-bit resolution. This device offers an unparalleled quality of the EKG, even in the most difficult recording environments, in order to always grant accurate testing. LIFECARD CF is equipped with the CompactFlash mass storage technology, using removable memory cards. The use of CF cards enables the subsequent positioning of the device on the next patient, while the recorded EKGs on the cards are easily sent to the receiving facility for the medical report. The visualization of the EKGs during the placement of the electrodes grants high-quality recording, furthermore, its heart-beat detection system allows a more precise placement of the electrodes. The patented positioning with 3 electrodes and 3 channels of LIFECARD CF refines the patient’s ease and the compliance of the screening. The strong and splash-resistant design of this device minimizes alterations and improves the quality of the EKG. The digital Holter LIFECARD 12 allows the 12-lead recording on specific patients, while still using the traditional 3-channel method for the remaining part. In so doing it is easy to obtain high-quality 12-lead EKGs in order to facilitate diagnosis of complex arrhythmias.

Holter LIFECARD CF12 and the medical reporting software Sentinel are legally certified and recognized by Italian Ministry of Health as class IIa medical devices.


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