For the large-scale telemedicine development purpose it is necessary to create confidence in telemedicine services and encourage acceptance by healthcare professionals and patients. In this context, information to the patient, regarding the use of telemedicine, is essential, with the benefits that can be derived from it and healthcare professionals and patients training for the use of new technologies. In fact, speaking of a technological innovation, it is essential that health professionals and patients are adequately trained and prepared, aware of their role and the effectiveness of the service, to benefit patient’s health and health system’s efficiency. Therefore, information and training actions are important to ensure the necessary professionalism and knowledge of the tools, as well as a good understanding of the interactive context in which they are used. In addition, the use of telemedicine can be very helpful to deliver “training content” to operators, especially in remote areas. Cardio On Line Europe’s Training Area main objective is precisely to qualify, as much as possible, the subjects in charge of client support of telemedicine services’ delivery; a specific training carried out by qualified personnel capable to transfer the necessary know-how and the right precautions to provide high quality standards services. Training, refresh and distance learning are some of the features available to any Customer of Cardio On Line Europe that wishes to face the e-Health world.