Walk400h is a new generation Holter ECG recorder, which allows you to record, with any patient cable configuration, up to 48 hours, with a sampling rate of up to 1000 samples/seconds and up to 7 days, with a sampling rate of 250 samples /second. It is possible to choose the number of channels to record using a 5, 7 or 10 wire cable. The device automatically recognizes the inserted cable and consequently selects the type of recording. Via software it is also possible to select the sampling frequency that the device must use during the recording phase. Walk400h is equipped with an accelerometer and provides an indication of the patient’s activity: walking, running, standing, still. The user interface is simple and intuitive. A 2.2″ color TFT display allows you to view up to 6 tracks simultaneously, allowing the user to verify the good quality of the signal before starting recording. Weight and dimensions of the recorder are contained in order to make the device comfortable to wear. The recorded data is downloaded and transmitted to a remote computer using the Cardioline webuploader software. The power supply with standard AA battery guarantees easy preparation and the possibility of using rechargeable batteries allows to contain material costs.


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