In 2010 Cardio on Line Europe expanded its structure’s organization with the activation of an operative central exclusively dedicated to cardiac and pressor monitoring in telemedicine; with more than 55.000 reports carried out within 24/48 hours after unit’s dismantling, the Holter Division, which has become market and strategic leader for the company, provides reporting Holter’s software, equipment and services in pharmacies, in general practitioners’ offices, diagnostic and home care centers, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, RSA among the others. The results achieved, in terms of positive feedback from clients and patients, derive from high qualitative standard imposed by the protocols observed in the Holter Division. In fact, each examination is analyzed, interpreted and reported exclusively by a cardiologist. The attention given to used software, workstations’ modularity, reporting times, alert service for every pathological result, observation of regulations in force and the professionalism of the personnel employed (technicians and cardiologists) make Holter Division the “spearhead” of the services provided. The Holter Division is now one of Cardio On Line Europe most important Business units.