Walk200b is a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor. Simple to use, lightweight and compact to maximize patient comfort. LCD display for displaying measured values ​​and service messages; advanced connectivity to the PC based on standard bluetooth technology; self-adapting algorithm for cuff inflation control function of event marker and start/end of awake and sleep periods; small size and silent pump. Its adaptive inflation system makes living with the device more comfortable: in fact, the cuff adapts inflation based on your own pressure trend, avoiding excessive pressure on the arm! SIIA (Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension) indications in which ABPM may be useful: borderline hypertension, suspected white coat or masked hypertension, nocturnal hypertension, large short- and long-term BP variability, diabetes, elderly, episodic or hypotension (symptomatic), pregnancy, drug evaluation, resistance to drug treatment, suspected sleep apnea.


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