In 2016, Cardio On Line Europe activated CardioService, a service born from the requests of some market-leading companies in the electrocardiographs and Holter recorders’ field, to be able to offer their customers examination reporting services, recorded and transmitted through the devices and software marketed by them. The background and know-how over time developed with the reporting activities through CardioService, have allowed Cardio On Line Europe to be able to extend the activity of analysis and consulting – with the same characteristics in terms of time and consistency of the reports – also to all those potential customers who, on the other hand, although having a device capable of recording and transmitting an ECG or a Holter, lack the necessary skills related to the management of an autonomous and self-dedicated Telemedicine service. The well-established experience in the specific field and the guarantee of delivering 24/7 reporting services makes clear the opportunity to be able to offer the same performance to every Client interested in the service. In the Italian and international Telemedicine landscape, there are now many platforms and a variety of providers that rely on web-based solutions or smart applications connected to the Internet and linked to networks of available specialists to deliver Telemedicine services, solutions that, however, do not allow real-time referrals with “online” cardiological consultation. CardioService membership provides the opportunity for these companies to deliver cardiac Holter and ABPM, electrocardiogram reporting services to their Customers, H24, 365 days a year, while maintaining their own settings, formats, templates and, most importantly, their own brand. Cardio On Line Europe, thanks to its Operative Center physically manned H24 by technicians and cardiologists, is available to engineer flow-charts exclusively dedicated to any company providing Telemedicine services, allowing them to deliver ECG reporting in real time and with cardiological consultation “on line”, an indispensable peculiarity if one thinks of the usefulness of diagnosing a serious pathology in a prompt way by enabling intervention in time useful to safeguard the health of the individual. All reporting services (electrocardiogram, cardiac Holter, and ABPM) can also be provided in English upon request.

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